I’ve always been enthusiastic about great writing, and couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to be a co-author for "When Married Women Speak". 

About Mya

Myasha "Mya" Smith-Edmonds, a native of Houston, Texas, is the first female African-American Next Generation McDonald’s owner/operator and board member in the Indianapolis region; earning the Award of Trailblazer for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO Indianapolis) and recipient of the Galore "Distinction Award".

At 13, Mya began working at her father’s McDonald’s where she developed her strong work ethic, accountability, discipline, and focus. Mya graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and minor in African-American Studies. Mya went on to become a certified public accountant completing her internship at Deloitte & Touche; one of the largest accounting firms in the world.

During her career development years, Mya earned various awards with KCOH Radio Station as a Program Director & Account Executive; and numerous more as an Independent Business Owner with Ameriplan USA.  There she became the youngest National Sales Director and earned the privilege of speaking on several panels during the yearly Ameriplan National Conventions.


In 2008, Mya embarked on her ultimate dream; following in her father’s footsteps and becoming a successful McDonald’s owner. While completing the required 2-5 year program with honors, she became a general manager and was awarded the Ray Kroc Award; given to the top 1% performers in the McDonald’s system.

Mya is grateful and is inspired to continue to be a blessing to others and the Kingdom of God. She is a public speaker and has a genuine heart and special love for children which is displayed in her support of both community and youth programs. Above it all, Mya’s greatest joy is being the wife of her amazing husband, Emmanuelle.

April 2018

When Married Women Speak

After we spent countless hours working up to its release, I’m proud to announce that it’s finally ready.
As strong, bold and courageous women; we have all embraced the idea that we are to be good stewards over not only our time, talents and treasures but also over our testimonies.  We came to a realization that the significance of our past can aid in bringing others out of a place of pain and into a place of permission... Permission to move forward, permission to forgive, permission to allow God’s glory to be revealed through our story. Our hope is that each chapter and testimony will ignite something deep on the inside of you that will give you strength and courage to maneuver past obstacles and to advance in life. We pray the words will emanate from the pages to bring life to every dead situation your marriage may be facing. We pray to bring hope and reassurance that your life has only just begun and as you move forward in faith, you’ll embrace the truth that the best is yet to come. Journey with us as we give God all the glory.

"To write well, express yourself like the common people, but think like a wise man"



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